Dr. Antonio Palagiano, MD

Dr. Antonio Palagiano cofounded the Endoscopic and Diagnostic Treatment Center in Bay Ridge with Dr. Paul Piccione.

Dr. Palagiano has served the Brooklyn community for over 23 years. He has taken care of thousands of patients with special attention provided to the immigrant community thanks to his fluency in 6 languages (English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian and German).

He completed his residency at the Cabrini Medical Center in Manhattan. While undergoing his residency Dr. Palagiano was elected chief resident of internal medicine for 2 consecutive years.

He then trained as a fellow in Gastroenterology at Cabrini Medical Center. Preceding the training at Cabrini Medical Center, Dr. Palagiano completed an additional 6 months at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney University of Australia as an honorary fellow. Dr. Palagiano accelerated his endoscopic training by spending extended periods of time in Wuppertal Germany.

His extended training has allowed him to develop excellent clinical and Endoscopic skills for the treatment of peptic ulcer Disease, GERD, IBD and IBS, colonic polyps, cancer, hepatitis, cirrhosis and most other gastro enteroscopy conditions. He also has expertise in the management of celiac, pancreatic and biliary disease.

Dr. Palagiano has authored various publications with specialty pieces pertaining to Helicobacter pylori in AIDS patients.

He is currently an attending physician at Lutheran Medical Center. For several years he was teaching attending in medicine at Cabrini Medical Center in Manhattan prior to its closure.

Dr. Palagiano specializes in upper endoscopy, colonoscopy, small bowel enteroscopy, large colonics and gastric polyp resection.